Tripp Shelnutt

Software Engineer


Language agnostic software engineer with a love for object-oriented and functional programming. A self-motivated problem-solver that delivers business value as an individual contributor and brings out the best in others as a team lead.


Ideagen (acquired Qualtrax March 2021)

Senior Software Engineer. Jan 2018 - Present.

Served as the lead developer for a team of product engineers focused on modernizing quality management applications. Daily activities included development, pairing, mentoring, code reviews, and facilitating agile ceremonies, retrospectives, and post-mortems.


Senior Software Engineer. Jan 2016 - Jan 2018.

Collaborated with other developers on an agile team to enhance and expand the company's software portfolio for clients in various industries.

Shaw Industries, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer. Jan 2013 - Jan 2016.

Systems Engineer. Dec 2007 - Jan 2013.

Worked with other developers in agile teams to improve and expand the company's existing library of manufacturing applications.


Current - OOP, Design Patterns, SOLID, DDD, Agile, Scrum, .NET, C#, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SQL, Visual Studio, ReSharper/Rider, Visual Studio Code, Vim, Unit Testing, TDD, Git, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Azure, Terraform, PowerShell

Previous - C++, Java, RTOS, 2D/3D Graphics, Linux, Multi-threading, Networking

Interests - FP, F#, TypeScript, ML, Python

Education and Certifications

Duke University, BS Computer Science, 1999

Microsoft, MCSD, 2020


Scenic City Summit, Organizer, 2017-2019

TEALS, Volunteer Teacher, 2020

Hobbies and Books

My hobbies include reading (primarily personal/professional development), attending conferences and user groups, coding for fun, computer and tabletop gaming, and cat wrangling. My favorite books include The Pragmatic Programmer, Modern Software Engineering, Kill it with Fire, The Goal, and Neuromancer.